Here are the talented Canadian artisans we are working with.

Arthaus Collectif

Katelyn Furniss has been painting and drawing since she could hold a pencil, eventually attending the Ontario College of Art and Design. Arthaus Collectif originated from a desire to do something creative and inspired Katelyn to embark on a journey of capturing and chronicling life’s special moments. Katelyn currently resides in the Caledon countryside with her husband, dog and cats.

Cole-Yoni Card Co.

Cole-Yoni Card Co. started in 2019 in Toronto with the goal of offering a collection of cards to people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Cards that are more sass than sap. Cards too hot for Hallmark but not too hot for the holidays. Because, sometimes, our sentiments need a little spice. Cole-Yoni Card Co. is there to provide you with the kind of content that will put a smile on your face rather than a streak in your panties.

Fresh Aire Creatives

Aire (Erica Mills) is a Toronto-based artist that has been making cards and art-based businesses since childhood. Pen and ink creations have always stuck with her, as has her love for the written word. She finds great joy in making cards that celebrate the act of letting people know they are loved. Even as a busy mom of three boys, she still finds time to dream up new creations to make people smile.

Homebody Stationary

Homebody makes beautiful introvert-friendly greeting cards and self-care items, sustainably printed on recycled paper with a local risograph printing company.  Amber Ozols was born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, and launched Homebody Stationary in 2019.  She studied Studio Art at Concordia University and Illustration at Sheridan College. Her work ranges from traditional oil and acrylic painting, digital design work, hand lettering, and commercial labels. Amber's portfolio has been influenced by athletics, science, infuriating societal norms, and a love of bright colour

I'll Know It When I See It

I’ll Know It When I See It is a two-woman show creating sweet and slightly snarky paper goods straight outta Vancouver, BC. Their cards combine wit, snark and head-turning content with bold, modern designs that are typographically driven. Since sugar is bad for you, they keep the sweetness to a minimum.

Janeva Faircloth

Janeva Faircloth is a Toronto based multimedia artist who draws inspiration from Canada’s natural landscapes. Janeva's cards are watercolour and ink drawn prints of scenes found in nature and Canadian-inspired imagery. Her paintings are serene and minimal, often featuring figures facing out, marvelling at the view.

Naughty FLorals

Naughty Florals combines classic floral designs and modern sensibilities (aka pretty flowers with rude and cheeky messages).  Each design begins with a watercolour painting and a hand lettered message by owner Heather, in her home studio.   Naughty Florals launched in 2018 with just 6 greeting cards. It has now grown to over 100 different items and can be found in shops across North America.


Born from a love of design and hand drawn illustrations, OHMYINSPIRED is a brand of paper goods based out of Markham, Ontario.  Launched from a small home studio in 2012, OHMYINSPIRED is a creative outlet for the owner Karen, who seeks to spread joy and encouragement through her greeting cards and prints. Each design is initially created by hand, using watercolour as the medium, and often pairing it with lettering and hand drawn elements.

Oliver Stockley

Oliver Stockley makes adorable animal cards that are sure to make you smile. Based in Toronto, he uses his unique pen and ink style to show off the wonderful world of Canadian wildlife and the country’s most loved pets.

Once Upon A Design

Wendy CHO is an oil pastel illustrator. She studied at OCAD in design and is a member of the Richmond Hill Group of Artist as well as the York Regional Arts Council. Her artwork is regarded as clever, whimsical and storybook like. Wendy’s artwork brings joy and smiles to everyone!

Penny Linardatos

Penny is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based out of Toronto. She combines original illustrations with messages that are somewhat sentimental (without the mush), to create fresh and fun, bold and witty cards. When you give someone one of Penny’s cards, you’re giving them a miniature piece of art.

The Paper Art Shoppe

The Paper Art Shoppe is based in Kingston, Ontario, and creates cards that are funny and delightfully inappropriate. Frustrated from not finding cards that matched her humour, Lesley Shaw took it upon herself to create her first greeting card for a friend's birthday. The feedback she received from that first card was motivation enough to encourage her to start The Paper Art Shoppe.

The Pretty Pink Studio

Denise Foley is the illustrator and stationery designer behind The Pretty Pink Studio. Her love for illustration inspired her to begin her own line of products that she happily creates in her home studio. Denise’s aesthetic is feminine, fun and full of colour. She uses many shades of pink, touches of gold and pops of pastels. Denise enjoys designing artwork that inspires women to embrace their femininity and conquer their goals while bringing a smile to their faces.
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