Will Cardisan send the card to the person I am buying it for?

YES! You have the option to have the card sent to you for you to give to the recipient, or we can send directly to the recipient. You can provide instructions during the checkout process, otherwise we will send to the billing address.

Will Cardisan write a message in the card for me if I provide it?

Absolutely! The artisans we work with will write a message and send the card for you. At checkout, select that you would like us to write your message and type the message you would like written. Please also provide who the card is being sent to.

How long will it take the card to arrive?

We are building in a 2 week delivery expectation at the moment, but the cards may arrive sooner. The point of Cardisan is to help you start to think about upcoming events a few weeks in advance. We can't help you if you've completely forgotten and need a card for the next day. If you need a card for tomorrow, it should indicate to you that you need to sign up to Cardisan so that it doesn't happen again next year.

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