Emotional Spiral – Thank You

CAD $6.00

This is a set of 4 cards designed to concisely summarize an emotional spiral that you might be having. ⁣⁣
🔸 Thank you. ⁣⁣

Oprah said you should practice gratitude, so you better hop to it. Alternatively, you can get your pal a “thank you” card that expresses all that pent up gratitude to thank them for something (or anything or nothing or everything). ⁣

Say all the things. Also in the absence of a beautiful speech, give this card to a human you know.

“Thank you for being there for me and being willing and able to help me out. I am forever grateful and deeply (not too deeply, relax) appreciate what you have done for me. Without you I would have struggled infinitely and ultimately would have succumbed to any number of wild variables, or, best case, died in trying to do this alone. Your strength of character, moral compass, good looks, and overall breath-taking charm are only some of the traits I appreciate. You are full of multitudes, but actively, in this moment, I am grateful for your generosity, you could have done anything else but instead you used your powers for good not unlike an actual, established superhero known for their benevolence.”

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