Spike Your Drinks

CAD $6.00

Nobody can tell how much Bailey’s is in that coffee you posted to Instagram with a caption like “Tis the season for sippin’”, or some kind of aerial shot of your bedside table with “Cozy Vibes” in a Hygge-styled photo with artisanal candles and poetry books.

Or maybe your cup runneth over with booze while you scroll through social media, eye-rolling your way down the feed of posts just like the ones above.

Either way, bottoms up, pals! Society approves day drinking (or breakfast drinking) so long as you brand it as “festive”.

Drink on, friends!

Risograph printed card (soy based ink on recycled paper)

Each card comes with a Kraft paper envelope, in a plastic sleeve.
4.25 x 5.5″ card, blank inside

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